Taxon-targeted metabarcoding improves distributional knowledge for Porphyra corallicola H.Kucera & G.W.Saunders

In our recent publication (Saunders & Brooks 2023) we used taxon-targeted metabarcoding to extend knowledge of Porphyra corallicola H.Kucera & G.W.Saunders with an additional record from NB and new records for NS and the low arctic in Labrador. In addition subtidal collections and three different coralline hosts were identified. The method also shed light on the distribution and ecology of conchocelis stages for other Bangiales in our flora and revealed novel taxa that may occur in only this stage as asexual species. Cody (@C_Brooks51) and I are now preparing a similar manuscript surveying kelp gametophytes in Haida Gwaii urchin barrens testing for the possibility of ‘seed banks’.


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