Analipus japonicus(Harvey) Wynne (BC)

Thalli are olive-yellow to dark brown in colour and up to 30 cm tall (Image A). Main axes are percurrent with a dense investment of unbranched determinate branches, 0.3-2.8 cm in length (Image A). Erect portion of thalli are annual and develop from the perennial basal crusts (Image B).

We have collections of this species from throughout BC being common in the mid, but found throughout the intertidal zone. It is difficult to confuse with other species being relatively unique in the flora, but confusion can occur for plants hosting dense populations of the obligate epiphyte Saundersella simplex (D.A. Saunders) Kylin (Image C).

Image A. Press of a smaller specimen from mid intertidal pools growing on rock (Dixon Island, Bamfield, BC; GWS002813).

Image B. Basal crusts that perennate this species (upper intertidal pools on rock, Sawmill Point, Haida Gwaii, BC; GWS046000).

Image C. Individuals of Analipus japonicus (Harvey) Wynne heavily epiphytized by Saundersella simplex (D.A. Saunders) Kylin (low intertidal on rock, Murchison Island Lagoon, Gwaii Haanas, BC; GWS013800).