Chaetomorpha linum (O.F.Müller) Kützing (A)

This species is dark green and unattached being typically tangled in other algal species in low to mid intertidal pools, as well as subtidal (Featured image). The cells are 200-280 µm wide and 200-350 µm long; the cells squat to only slightly rectangular (length to width ratio ~0.75-1.5:1) (Image A).

The genus Chaetomorpha requires significant taxonomic work in the local flora. We have no genetically verified records to date, and this species is presented here based on two morphological identifications (Sears 2002) from collections in the Bay of Fundy, NB. It is possible that this species represents the unattached counterpart to the attached Chaetomorpha aerea (Dillwyn) Kützing, which may be consistent with our preliminary molecular results. More to come on this aspect of the taxonomy.

GWS045138-0013Image A. Whole mount displaying the vegetative cells (subtidal (3 m) tangle in Ahnfeltia plicata (Hudson) Fries at Duck Pond Beach, NB; GWS045138).