Hedophyllum druehlii (G.W.Saunders & McDevit) Starko, S.C.Lindstrom & Martone (BC)

This is one of the few species of stipe-less kelp. It is further characterized by a hapteral (branched) holdfast, which bears a simple, strongly bullate blade, 10-30 cm in dimensions (Featured Image above; Image A).

This species can only be confidently identified from the sheltered morphology of Hedophyllum sessile (C.Agardh) Setchell with molecular tools. It is, in the Canadian flora at least, a mid to low intertidal species confined to highly sheltered locations of Haida Gwaii.

Image A. Typical appearance of this species in the mid intertidal at a sheltered site in Haida Gwaii (Hot Spring Island (east ‘back’ side), Gwaii Haanas, BC; GWS020398).