Hildenbrandia sp._9GWS (A)

Red alga forming dark red (Image A), at times orange (Image B) to rarely yellowish (Image C) fleshy (i.e. not calcified) crusts on cobble and rock.

This genetic group has numerous (74 as of August 2020) verified records and appears common in its range from RI to the island of Newfoundland, NL, extending from upper intertidal pools to subtidal (4 m) in habitat. The genus Hildenbrandia has 36 (and counting) genetic species in the Canadian flora rather than the three or four listed (Gabrielson & Lindstrom 2018; Sears 2002). Considerable taxonomic work remains.

GWS045285Image A. Reddish coloured specimen from an upper intertidal pool on cobble Anthony Cove Rd., NB (GWS045285).

GWS014220.jpgImage B. Orange coloured specimen growing on rock in the subtidal (4 m) at Cranberry Cove, NS (GWS014220).

GWS032016.jpgImage C. Yellowish specimen growing subtidal (3 m) on cobble at Covey Head, NS (GWS032016).