Laminaria solidungula J.Agardh (Ar/A)

This kelp species is characterized by a discoid holdfast (Image A) and a clearly perennial growth habit (manifested as constrictions of the vegetative blade (Image B)) and is a distinctive element of the Arctic and most northerly NW Atlantic floras with all individuals allied to a single genetic group. A strictly subtidal species, we have collections from to 6 to 20 m in depth; ranging from the southern Baffin Island, NU, region (as far west as eastern AK and in Churchill, MB (Saunders & McDevit 2013)) to central NL (McDevit & Saunders 2010).


Image A. Specimen displaying the typical discoid holdfast that characterizes this species (Northern Labrador, NL; GWS040258).

GWS031169 copy.jpg

Image B. Specimen with four seasons of growth, the oldest at the tip and the youngest region adjacent the stipe, each separated by a narrowing of the blade (Boulder Patch, AK; GWS031169).